Sunday, September 16, 2012

Just a little wisdom...

"I used to think we were forever ever ever, And I used to say never say never..."
- We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, Taylor Swift

Good evening ladies and gents. Today's post will be brief mainly because:
1.) I don't have much to say
2.) I'm currently procrastinating on the stack of bio homework that's sitting on my table 4 feet away from my computer.

Great now that the expectations are low. Let's begin.

What I want to discuss is a new series I may or may not be starting based on how well this one is received currently untitled but something along the lines of shopping smart, and shopping on a budget. As a student, I can empathize with any of you who have to severely limit your purchasing.

Speaking of, I just read a Yahoo! news article about shopping addictions and 7 signs you're a shopaholic.... (which speaking of reminded me of the movie: Confession of a Shopaholic, which is a worth watching movie just by the way...) Anyway I only exhibit 3 of those symptoms, which is technically less than half which in my logic means I'm in the clear.  So onward with the shopping guide.

The thing I want to impart on everyone today is that to shop smart, you have to recognize quality vs. quantity. Quite often I get sucked into the Forever 21 black hole of cheap deals and cheap clothing. Sometimes, you will find a hidden gem that's actually good quality, but other times Forever 21 apparel falls apart within like 6 months. And while yes, that does mean you get to re-shop every season, it also can dent your wallet significantly in the long run.

That is why I propose that everyone educate themselves on quality brands. While this may seem stupid at first, (aka who can afford J brand Jeans that are $240+ dollars at Nordstrom) I assure you there's a method to my madness.

I'm probably going to do a post about where I shop later (excited yay), I'm going to just ask you to trust me on this one and say that you should try investing your time in stores that re-sell name brands for less. By this I mean TJ Maxx, Gabriel Brothers, Marshalls, Ross, even your local thrift stores.

Because sometimes you will be able to find designer brands at A LOT less, and when they absolute quality pieces that will last quite a long time, it's worth knowing how to spot these great brands.

For example: Last week I was on an excursion to Gabriel Brothers (which if you haven't been there is dirt cheap borderline ghetto, but I digress) where I found these J Brand Jeans that were literally $30. I only knew about these brands due to fashion bloggers, and my LAUREN CONRAD BOOK. Which I hold dear to my heart. In case you haven't noticed my on going Lauren Conrad obsession.... here's a picture of the book.

And now I'll throw in some Lauren Conrad pictures just for fun.

Ha. So moral of the story, educate yourself. And when I mean educate, read some fashion blogs, I will recommend a couple in oncoming posts, but for now, try the Lauren Conrad book. You won't be disappointed.

Now I must really get to that bio homework but I hope I've left you with something worthwhile in this extended rambling....