Sunday, November 16, 2014

hello world

Hi everyone!

I'm not sure if anyone even reads this blog anymore since it's been YEARS since I've last updated. Looking back there are definitely some cringeworthy posts, but I definitely wanted to bring some life back here since my style has changed quite a bit and I'd like to share with you my latest thoughts!

I'll probably start off with some fall basics and maybe some holiday things. Hopefully I'll get to posting some DIYs or outfit of the days for ya'll to enjoy. Let me know if there's anything specific you'd like to see.

See you soon,

Friday, August 9, 2013


Holy shiznits, I haven't been on here since like the middle of senior year which is absolutely crazy cause I'M GOING TO FRICKIN COLLEGE AT THE END OF THIS MONTH WHAT. 
[insert hyperventilating here]

Anyway update!!! I've FINALLY got a tumblr which is CRAZY because I've wanted one for so long and Tumblr is such a beautiful dark hole of sleepless nights. 

So here lovelies is my URL:

So far my Tumblr is full of colors, fashion, Fitzgerald quotes, beautiful travel photography and little hipster things 

Hopefully I will be more diligent about updating my Tumblr, and if you get the chance PLEASE check out my tumblr and send me some love (:

And comment below if you have a tumblr, I'd love to check you out!

love you guys

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Just a little wisdom...

"I used to think we were forever ever ever, And I used to say never say never..."
- We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, Taylor Swift

Good evening ladies and gents. Today's post will be brief mainly because:
1.) I don't have much to say
2.) I'm currently procrastinating on the stack of bio homework that's sitting on my table 4 feet away from my computer.

Great now that the expectations are low. Let's begin.

What I want to discuss is a new series I may or may not be starting based on how well this one is received currently untitled but something along the lines of shopping smart, and shopping on a budget. As a student, I can empathize with any of you who have to severely limit your purchasing.

Speaking of, I just read a Yahoo! news article about shopping addictions and 7 signs you're a shopaholic.... (which speaking of reminded me of the movie: Confession of a Shopaholic, which is a worth watching movie just by the way...) Anyway I only exhibit 3 of those symptoms, which is technically less than half which in my logic means I'm in the clear.  So onward with the shopping guide.

The thing I want to impart on everyone today is that to shop smart, you have to recognize quality vs. quantity. Quite often I get sucked into the Forever 21 black hole of cheap deals and cheap clothing. Sometimes, you will find a hidden gem that's actually good quality, but other times Forever 21 apparel falls apart within like 6 months. And while yes, that does mean you get to re-shop every season, it also can dent your wallet significantly in the long run.

That is why I propose that everyone educate themselves on quality brands. While this may seem stupid at first, (aka who can afford J brand Jeans that are $240+ dollars at Nordstrom) I assure you there's a method to my madness.

I'm probably going to do a post about where I shop later (excited yay), I'm going to just ask you to trust me on this one and say that you should try investing your time in stores that re-sell name brands for less. By this I mean TJ Maxx, Gabriel Brothers, Marshalls, Ross, even your local thrift stores.

Because sometimes you will be able to find designer brands at A LOT less, and when they absolute quality pieces that will last quite a long time, it's worth knowing how to spot these great brands.

For example: Last week I was on an excursion to Gabriel Brothers (which if you haven't been there is dirt cheap borderline ghetto, but I digress) where I found these J Brand Jeans that were literally $30. I only knew about these brands due to fashion bloggers, and my LAUREN CONRAD BOOK. Which I hold dear to my heart. In case you haven't noticed my on going Lauren Conrad obsession.... here's a picture of the book.

And now I'll throw in some Lauren Conrad pictures just for fun.

Ha. So moral of the story, educate yourself. And when I mean educate, read some fashion blogs, I will recommend a couple in oncoming posts, but for now, try the Lauren Conrad book. You won't be disappointed.

Now I must really get to that bio homework but I hope I've left you with something worthwhile in this extended rambling....

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


"Who's that girl? (Who's that girl?)

- Theme to "New Girl"

So I've kind of been obsessed with television lately. Like its seriously a problem.
I don't know what I do more, watch television or randomly peruse the internet praying that something exciting will show up.

Honestly, it's not healthy. Like I need therapy.
So after finishing 8 seasons of a show that shall remain nameless, I've almost finished the entire season of New Girl in less than a week. Somebody help me. 

I LOVE Zooey Deschanel's character, Jess cause she's so adorable and frankly awkward like the rest of us. And of course, I'm a sucker for douche bags on television... (and maybe in real life....) so Schmidt is one of my favorite characters. And his relationship with Cece is frickin adorable.

Andddd I watched 5 episodes today...

BUT in my defense, each episode is ONLY 20+ minutes so it's not THAT bad. And you guys, the Olympics are on so like. Cut me some slack. Everyone is watching TV these days.

Then again, I go to bed every night feeling incredibly guilty that I've squandered all my time on the damn computer. Curse my knack for procrastination. 

Onto to the topic of the day:

Sleeveless collared blouses 

Now. This trend has literally been the "it" trend this summer, and personally, I think it's a really classic look.

It's completely versatile, plain tucked into jeans and a belt, with a skirt, underneath a blazer and tucked into some nice skinny jeans. They literally work for every season, especially if you get one if a neutral color.

These aren't fantastic pictures, but seriously go on tumblr, or better yet walk into tumblr in real life aka Forever 21 (H&M or Nordstrom works as well) and find yourself in sleeveless collared blouse heaven.

Another variation of this would be a denim collared sleeveless blouse. Such as this one from Forever 21:

And guess what, you guys? TODAY whilst watching Friends guess what Rachel Green was wearing? THATS RIGHT A SLEEVELESS DENIM SHIRT. AH. It's was craziness. (See the television rant in the beginning all tied into this blog post :D ) 

See for yourself:

She donned this look in Season 1 Episode 2, but ladies, this look is timeless. 
There aren't any better pictures, but you get the picture. 

Okay, short post for today, but I think I'm going to resort to these more often because they're more manageable and honestly I'm more motivated posting short blog posts. 

Until next time! :)

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Geometric Print Jewelry

"And they say,
She's in the class A- Team
Stuck in her daydreams
Been this way since 18"

- The A Team, Ed Sheeran

Oh hey there stranger.

Okay I would do a long guilt-ridden intro about how I suck at blogging and how I'll get better but let's just got to the chase, now shall we?

So, if you haven't noticed, one of the hottest trends of the summer is geometric prints. And when I say geometric prints I mean like straight up 4th period geometry class back in 8th grade with the stupid triangles and coordinate planes. Remember obtuse triangles with one angle over 90 degrees. Yeah, those.

But not to fret, ladies because we won't have to classify the type of triangles based on the measure of their angles. Instead, we'll just be using them as statement pieces.

Now of course, geometric prints don't HAVE to be statement pieces, but like c'mon. They've got those nice bold, sharp edges that scream for your attention, and the great thing is that they're very chic and sophisticated so they don't overwhelm you. Depending on how you put together your outfit of course.

And when it comes to making a statement, JEWELRY is your best friend. It can really turn any simple outfit into a DANG GIRL outfit---without overdoing it

So one of my FAVORITE things when it comes to this trend is triangle necklaces. I prefer the ones that have 5 smaller pennet shaped triangles (or isosceles triangles if you want to be specific...) on a short necklace chain.

Here's one I adore from House of Harlow:

Now of course there's a lot of variation on these necklaces including ones that include a pyramid of triangles:

And I think this one is the most widely available, and I'm pretty sure they sell this kind at Forever 21:

Another popular "triangle necklace" is simply, a couple triangles on a chain.

Now let me tell you that I am like college girl broke SO urban outfitters is usually out of my league... er price range, but a girl can dream right?

This is my favorite piece from their current collection:


Isn't that just stunning? So simple, but so chic.

And to top it all offfffffff... HERE COMES. And are ya'll ready for this?


Holy. Shizzz. You probably need to sit down for this one. Mind. Blown. Simply genius.  
Can we all just like admire the sheer intelligence it takes to design this piece? 

Okay. We can move on now.
Next we have:

Can I get a "hell yeah"?

These earrings are gorgeous:

They're SO simple. Just triangles, but they are so stunning and unexpected. And the gold makes them look classic. Like "you could see Kate Middleton donning these classic".

Okay that might be a little pushing it...

BUT you know someone that WOULD wear these??? THATS RIGHT

ARIA MONTGOMERY from pretty little liars.

Goodness I love her style.

Okay in Season 3 Episode 7, Aka 'Crazy'

She wears these killer neon triangle earrings that the nurse makes her take off when she visits Mona in the insane asylum, and if you watch the episode you can see them.

Here's the best shot I could find....

Yay :) Doesn't it just make her outfit pop?

See ladies, thats the magic of geometric print, especially with her mostly neutral black and white outfit.

Alright it's getting late so I must sign off. But happy shopping!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dreaming about Summer

"And I'll say hey,
You'll say baby, 
Hows your dayI'll say crazy,
But its all gonna be alright"
- "Loving You Tonight", Andrew Allen

First of all, I want to say I am so so sorry for not posting for MONTHS. I have been so stressed out lately that I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown like every other week. The past few months have been a whirlwind of SATs, AP exams, finals, grad parties and just all around madness. I came on today just to see what I've been missing and WHAM. I see that I have almost 1000 views. Which is pure craziness. So thank you guys so much for viewing even though I've been awful on posting new things, but from now on I'll try to post more often. 

Anyway, I know I talked about being busy and not posting, but another reason that I haven't been posting is that I just realized that there are probably copyright laws against posting certain images which freaks me out because I have no idea what I'm allowed to post. . .

Which got me thinking that maybe I'll join Tumblr? I know that might make me a copycat sell-out or at least that's what people tell me, and then I'd have to start over in views and followers, but I just love the concept of micro-blogging and I feel like I'd be more motivated to post. So do any of you guys have thoughts on that?

I'm not sure right now.

Okay okay, enough rambling, I might do a rant on colleges later, but idk who would be interested, so we'll see. . . comment if you'd like to hear about my college rants, but if not I'll just stick to fashion.

So onto summer style of the day:


When you think of summer the first thing that comes to mind? Brilliant colors! So whether you want to start big with a loud print or bright pink tipped nails, colors are a must for the summer.

Photo: Teen Vogue

Now, I'm seeing coral EVERYWHERE. From prom dresses to skirts to shorts especially, coral is the new black. I love coral shorts. They are just so effortlessly classy and chic. I love the polka dot pink and navy scarf. Its actually a really popular combination

I actually saw the YouTube guru, Wendy sporting this scarf:

Photo: Wendy's
Isn't that just so freaking classy? Did I just say freaking and classy in the same sentence? Oxymoron? Okay enough AP Language and Comp . . .
Now if you're not ready for full out bright colors let's go with the most versatile and simple way to spice up a look: 


Neon nails are perfect with a nice summer tan, or if you're like me a printer-paper pasty white color ahaha. (;

All right all right, I have homework to do . . . See you guys later(;

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Street Style

"You only know what I want you to, I know everything you don't want me to
Oh your mouth is poison, your mouth is wine
Oh you think your dreams are the same as mine"

- "Poison and Wine", the Civil Wars

Hey guys, so I've reached a point where I consistently get new views every day and that's such a victory for me! So thanks so much for viewing everyone(:

Anyway, I realize that a lot of my views are linked from searches of "Vanessa Hudgens street style" or "Victoria Justice street style", so here's a post dedicated to celebrity street style that I love:

Very flattering jeans and great basic outfit, especially if you want to layer up when it's cold:

From her Kohl's collection. I love the blazer from the first set, very polished but definitely not overdone.
And then the skirt, lace shirt combo from the second set is just adorable.

There are not very many pictures of Victoria Justice in street clothes, but I found this outfit which looks great for a sports event. Hellooooo SUPERBOWL(:

That's it for now!!(: