Friday, August 9, 2013


Holy shiznits, I haven't been on here since like the middle of senior year which is absolutely crazy cause I'M GOING TO FRICKIN COLLEGE AT THE END OF THIS MONTH WHAT. 
[insert hyperventilating here]

Anyway update!!! I've FINALLY got a tumblr which is CRAZY because I've wanted one for so long and Tumblr is such a beautiful dark hole of sleepless nights. 

So here lovelies is my URL:

So far my Tumblr is full of colors, fashion, Fitzgerald quotes, beautiful travel photography and little hipster things 

Hopefully I will be more diligent about updating my Tumblr, and if you get the chance PLEASE check out my tumblr and send me some love (:

And comment below if you have a tumblr, I'd love to check you out!

love you guys