Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Geometric Print Jewelry

"And they say,
She's in the class A- Team
Stuck in her daydreams
Been this way since 18"

- The A Team, Ed Sheeran

Oh hey there stranger.

Okay I would do a long guilt-ridden intro about how I suck at blogging and how I'll get better but let's just got to the chase, now shall we?

So, if you haven't noticed, one of the hottest trends of the summer is geometric prints. And when I say geometric prints I mean like straight up 4th period geometry class back in 8th grade with the stupid triangles and coordinate planes. Remember obtuse triangles with one angle over 90 degrees. Yeah, those.

But not to fret, ladies because we won't have to classify the type of triangles based on the measure of their angles. Instead, we'll just be using them as statement pieces.

Now of course, geometric prints don't HAVE to be statement pieces, but like c'mon. They've got those nice bold, sharp edges that scream for your attention, and the great thing is that they're very chic and sophisticated so they don't overwhelm you. Depending on how you put together your outfit of course.

And when it comes to making a statement, JEWELRY is your best friend. It can really turn any simple outfit into a DANG GIRL outfit---without overdoing it

So one of my FAVORITE things when it comes to this trend is triangle necklaces. I prefer the ones that have 5 smaller pennet shaped triangles (or isosceles triangles if you want to be specific...) on a short necklace chain.

Here's one I adore from House of Harlow:

Now of course there's a lot of variation on these necklaces including ones that include a pyramid of triangles:

And I think this one is the most widely available, and I'm pretty sure they sell this kind at Forever 21:

Another popular "triangle necklace" is simply, a couple triangles on a chain.

Now let me tell you that I am like college girl broke SO urban outfitters is usually out of my league... er price range, but a girl can dream right?

This is my favorite piece from their current collection:


Isn't that just stunning? So simple, but so chic.

And to top it all offfffffff... HERE COMES. And are ya'll ready for this?


Holy. Shizzz. You probably need to sit down for this one. Mind. Blown. Simply genius.  
Can we all just like admire the sheer intelligence it takes to design this piece? 

Okay. We can move on now.
Next we have:

Can I get a "hell yeah"?

These earrings are gorgeous:

They're SO simple. Just triangles, but they are so stunning and unexpected. And the gold makes them look classic. Like "you could see Kate Middleton donning these classic".

Okay that might be a little pushing it...

BUT you know someone that WOULD wear these??? THATS RIGHT

ARIA MONTGOMERY from pretty little liars.

Goodness I love her style.

Okay in Season 3 Episode 7, Aka 'Crazy'

She wears these killer neon triangle earrings that the nurse makes her take off when she visits Mona in the insane asylum, and if you watch the episode you can see them.

Here's the best shot I could find....

Yay :) Doesn't it just make her outfit pop?

See ladies, thats the magic of geometric print, especially with her mostly neutral black and white outfit.

Alright it's getting late so I must sign off. But happy shopping!

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