Thursday, January 19, 2012

Go-To Eye Shadow

"Check yes Juliet
I'll be waiting
Wishing wanting yours for the taking
Just sneak out and don't tell a soul goodbye"

- "Check Yes Juliet", We the Kings

Hey guys, two days ago I made a post asking what you guys wanted to see on this blog, and all of your comments were so sweet and supportive! So shout-out and thanks to everyone who gave me feedback.(--and if you haven't yet, please comment and let me know your thoughts:)

I did get a request to do more makeup and health-related posts so I'm going to be talking about eye shadows. Now originally I was going to do a review on the Too-Faced Natural Eye Palette, but I think I'm going to wait and experiment a little more with the palette before I do a review...

SO, today's post is going to be a review of my go-to eye shadow quad:

L'OREAL Studio Secrets Professional Eye Shadow in 936 (Blackened Smokes)

So basically, this line of drug store eye shadows comes with 4 colors which they number and give you instructions on how to apply them. The colors include an eyeliner, a base, highlight, and brighten color.

This quad is a great basic/ starter quad because it's super versatile and easy to use for beginners. This is my eye shadow staple and this is what mine looks like now:

Kind of nasty, right? Hahahah(:

So personally, I don't really use pencil/gel/liquid eyeliner, I much prefer using the "1" color with an angled eyeliner brush that's been dipped in a drop of water. For me, the look is soft and super easy because you guide the line with your brush and you don't have to work with pencils not sharpening or the harshness of liquid liner.

It's really quick and simple in the mornings and I say this from experience since I'm ALWAYS late for class and I literally do my makeup in 4 minutes.

The colors are all shimmer with the exception of "1" that has tiny glitters inside but its subtle enough that I don't notice it when I use it as eyeliner.

The colors "2" and "4" I just simply sweep across my lids for a wash of color, but most of the time I leave it out because I like the winged eyeliner + mascara look.

The shimmering white color "3" is great for your tear duct to add that bit of sparkle and make your adds look brighter and more doe-like.

So its pretty great pigmentation for drug-store, applies well, and easy to use.

Here are my swatches and I did these without primer cause I know not everyone has primer or if you're like me... has time to deal with primer....

The negatives are that the glitter in color "1" can be distracting and the colors do fade a little during the day.

Quick summary:
1. Very versatile (eyeliner, shadow, inner-corner)
2. Beginner friendly
3. Great price: $5.99 at drugstores (I got mine at Walmart)

1. Fades a little
2. Distracting glitters that smudge easily

All right then, I'm off to the gym (KICK BOXING CLASS YAYYY!). Be on the look-out for my Too-Faced Natural Eye Palette Review!!!

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  1. Good review. Thats a useful colour palette but I find it annoying when they fade through the day. For that reason I'm kind of addicted to MAC make up, it seems to stay on my face almost perfectly for the whole day. I love it!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x