Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What do you guys want to see on this blog?(:

"Say it again for me, cause I love the way it feels when you are telling me that I'm the only one that blows your mind."
-"Say It Again", Marie Digby

You guys, the song of the day is from basically my favorite YouTube-originated artist EVER. (And yes that includes Bieber) 

And fun fact, she's also the first YouTube singer that I found on YouTube wayyyyy back when I had one of those embarrassing 10 year old usernames like "puppyprincessxoxo54" or "angelfairy10" Oh dear... 

Why wasn't I someone cool when I was a kid, like Avia from the style rookie, who I recently grew attached to: 

What a daring fashion-forward kid. 

And then there was me. 

Just kidding that's not really me... but I did have a phase where I was obsessed with stripes... 

Just so you know, this post will gain you absolutely no knowledge because it falls into the ramblings category. :D Sorry to disappoint.
Oh and by the way, I've been bursting out into random fits of laughter throughout the day because of this image I saw on Tumblr.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That third picture gets me every time....

But anyway, lately, I've been spending WAY too much time on Blogger. Like seriously 3 hours today, and I haven't posted anything until now, because I'm slightly OCD... 
I also tried to do an outfit of the day, but I feel inferior since I took the picture in my bedroom and it's not as well artistic, with like flowers shooting out from the sky and leaves falling around me.... And then I made a "i'm really pissed off right now" post about my dramatic teenage life which I then decided not to post because I don't think anyone has any interest in that kind of junk... But if you do please let me know, because I've got lots of that kind of random angry posts saved in my drafts... 
You would think I'm kidding but I'm really not.

If you're not feeling it, tell me what you guys WANT to see on this blog. More fashion? Reviews? Beauty? Fitness? Cooking?! Advice? Let me know!!! And I'll do my best. (:

For now: Here's an outfit that I'm in love with, but can't wear right now because the weather in my city is unseasonably warm and awkward... ):
I need SNOW!!!

Don't worry, more posts to come!!!
Hang in there guys <3


  1. cool blog! following you now :)


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I love this post, it brightened my day, er, night....lol.
    Too funny.

    I like that outfit...it hasn't snowed where I live at all this year.

    Now following. :)

  3. Thank you, that is so sweet of you!! I'm glad you enjoyed my ramblings(:

    And yay! Just followed you too

  4. I guess you can add in more of beauty product reviews and about healthy diets? Hee. Following you!


  5. I really like your blog, you're very funny. :) I think if you just keep going the way you're going, you'll win an audience. I know how you're feeling though, my blog is so new as well, and it's so slow to get followers. But I think you're doing great!