Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hairstyle Mania

"A tornado flew around my room before you came,
Excuse the mess it made,
It usually doesn't rain."

-"Thinking 'Bout You", Frank Ocean

If you haven't heard this cover by Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber already please do yourself a favor and watch this:

I know I know... Justin Bieber, not everyone's cup of tea, but watch it just to be blown away at Jaden's voice. Like dayummm, boy.

Anyway, SO sorry guys for going MIA for the past like week ): I've been crazy busy with exams, applying to summer camps and the SAT this weekend. Literally worked on a summer application from 4-11:58 yesterday and submitted 2 minutes before the deadline. My work ethic is incredible, as you can tell.........

So yes. Again quick post today, because I've been a hot mess for the past week and I'm barely functioning. Today's post: Cute Hair Inspiration

Just a little bit of hair inspiration, if you're bored with your boring do' (:

Love ya'll!


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  2. I like the photo of the woman wearing the blue dress with the red flower in her hair. The flower is red, her lipstick is intensely red, and those reds are echoed by the flowers in her dress. She is surrounded by a background of green, but there is no green in her, her clothing, or adornment, except... Her eyes. My God how intense is her stare. I did not notice this at first, but those small circles that so captivate us—capture our attention—they are green too. It's as if all the lush greenery around her is beamed to us through those eyes. And her mouth too is captivating. It's as if she speaks to us or is about to, and I haven't even mentioned her hair.

    This is an intense photo. Try to do more work like it.